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Welcome to the site!

I brew beer, throw axes, make bobbin lace, tell tales from classical mythology, and engage in card weaving, but on paper, I’m a mathematician who teaches at Brooklyn College, part of the CUNY system.  I’ve been teaching for mumblety-seven years, I’m a survivor of the Great Calculus War (and even fought a few battles), and recently discovered this thing called the internet…

A little while ago, I learned that WordPress supports \LaTeX.  If you don’t know what \LaTeX is, don’t worry…suffice it to say that it’s a way you can typeset mathematical formulas like \sqrt{8} or \frac{1}{3} or even \frac{d}{dx} \left(\sqrt[3]{x^{3} + 5x + 8}\right).   This means that it’s actually possible to do a real math blog, without having to use ASCII graphics or clever HTML hacks or inline GIFs.

So let’s try this and see where it goes.


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